IR: San Francisco #44 – F.U.E.L.

OK, so maybe I did crib the title of this episode from a certain 90’s post-grunge album, and as ironic as its namesake, it is anything but Sugary-sweet or “easy listening”. Featured in this week’s episode are 12 tracks of high-octane, energy-driven, testosterone-f.u.e.l.e.d . kick-ass music. And a bit of lunacy now and again. So if you’re at work, don’t even bother (including if you drive long distances for a living: you just might get caught speeding). Save this one for a workout session, intense lawn-mowing, or a near-hour public transit commute in which you’re sitting next to a heavily cologned/perfumed person, and you want to piss him/her off just as much, if not more, than he/she is pissing YOU off. (Not that I have experience with that… nah… not really.)

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East of Western: Freezing Rain | CD Baby | iTunes
Inkwell: Drop It | Smartpunk | iTunes
The Billy Martini Show: Red Carpet Boogie | CD Baby
Letterhead: Bored
Fuser: The Rules | digiRAMA
Black Furies: No Money Down | eMusic
Dead City Sunday: Sex Ed | eMusic
PicketLine: Arizona | Amazon
One Dying Secret: A Lapse In Conception | CD Baby | iTunes
Switchblade Riot: Switchblade Love | iTunes
Solid State Logic: It’s Not Over
Private Nation: Something About You

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