The New Slave: Bright City Lights

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San Francisco , California , US

Built around glacial Pink Floyd rhythms and spacey guitar and keyboard textures, the New Slave boast a psychedelic sound. But for all of the space they create, this band is focused: the hooks are sharp and the lyrics are clear, always down the middle and biting. If anything, their music is a sparse psychedelia. Through a haze of depressive and self-medicated sounds the New Slave embraces moments of clarity that arise during harrowing periods of emotional despair. And as true relationship drifts happen over time in real life, this band examines their own personal dramas in real-time, employing the space of several songs to examine conditions like romantic withdrawal and loss of faith. With their confessional lyrics set as the foundation, they decorate the architecture with subtle electronic beats, acoustic strums, cerebral guitars, and layers of keyboards. The effect is surreal but undoubtedly human.

Bright City Lights The band’s three members — Craig M Clarke, Daniel Crowell, and Troy James — are unassuming, non-flashy residents of Northern California. Traveling between San Francisco and Sacramento to work on their music, these guys are more concerned with honing their sound than their fashion. After years in other projects, the members of the New Slave emerge as California’s newest mood rockers, bringing experience, focus, and heart to a dark project. Like the most oblique and spare moments of Joy Division and Spacemen 3, the New Slave often paint a cold mood, but it’s always honest.


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