IR SoCal: Local Daily Overdose #2

Local Daily Dose Retrospective #2Over the course of several nights, this IR coffee-fiend powered through multiple cups of caffeine in order to bring you the following local tracks on our Daily Dose feed, amongst scores of others great tracks from outside the region.

The musicians featured here today are all from regions in the Southland, specifically:  San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, and San Diego.

Enjoy my second look back into some of the many choice selections of great artists that the Southern California region has to offer. All links below go straight to the Daily Dose, which contains the individual tracks and more information about the artists via the specific featured blog.

Our UK host actually picked several of these selections and will continue to help bring a nice healthy assortment of groups to the table to help balance out my tastes, so expect more in the near future as the quality tracks continue to keep rolling in daily.


Original Image by Ben_Kreeger
(Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic)

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