Secret Dakota Ring: The Fade to Black

Secret Dakota Ring

The long awaited sophomore album by LA based Secret Dakota Ring will thankfully be here in late October. It apparently has a title, Cantarell, with artwork designed by Jacob Berendes, who also designed the cover of the previous album, Do Not Leave Baggage All the Way.

Secret Dakota Ring is a project of Andy Ross, who also plays guitar in the band OK Go, and arguably more important – was captain of his robotics team at school in Massachusetts.  Thanks for that chunk of history you strident Wikipedia data miners.

On his MySpace site Andy lists the release date as October 28th, on No Office/Serious Business Records, so make sure you give this several good listens to tide you over for about four weeks. [cs]

New Album Tracklist (coming Oct. 28th)
1. They Got the Wrong Guy
2. The Fade to Black
3. Losing Eyeballs
4. I Blew Myself Up Over You
5. I Don’t Wanna Know About My City
6. Sell Us a Spaceship
7. Red Light
8. Elephants
9. Still Awake


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