Cotton Mather: Eleanor Plunge

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Network favorite and Austin TX based psych-pop musicians Cotton Mather just released their newest “Young Life” EP yesterday, October 13th, six new original songs to his newest “Songs From The I Ching” project, bringing the number of tracks to 35 (just over the halfway line of the final goal of 64). Each one is for one hexagram of the I Ching, the ancient text which they refer to as an “extraordinary book about ordinary life.”

Eleanor Plunge is the first single, with the beautifully constructed melody setting up a new longtime favorite for any listener. Subject matter of the song title seems to correlate to someone front man Robert Harrson knew locally in Austin, although you’ll need to visit the Innocent Words website for the full scoop. Enjoy.

This was released by label, The Star Apple Kingdom on October 11, 2017 and the full EP is now available through iTunes.

[via Fanatic]


Eleanor Plunge