Daddy Lion: Storm

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Daddy Lion Today’s Dose is from the upcoming album ‘Learn to Have Nothing and You Will Have Everything’ by Columbia, SC band Daddy Lion, to be released in January 2018. No newcomer to the network, we have featured Daddy Lion seven times over the last seven years.

Originally started as a solo project from founding member Jeremy Joseph, Daddy Lion adopts the DIY ethos that he learned growing up in the Washington, DC area with its Dischord-records driven punk scene. As a solo project, and as a band, they’ve recorded nearly all their music themselves with whatever they had access to at the time: from a 4-track tape recorder in Mom’s basement, to a digital 8-track, to Garageband, to their upcoming release recorded professionally by their synth player Chris Johnson in the attic of his deceased grandparents’ decaying lake house.

Jeremy met his bandmates several years ago after moving from DC to Columbia, South Carolina in order to pursue a doctoral degree in philosophy. He met bass player Randal Franklin and drummer Bart Ballington on Craigslist, and met synth player/ programmer Chris Johnson at a local avant-garde music club that they both frequented and where Chris ran sound.

Daddy Lion has released six full-lengths and EPs and seven original music videos . Their upcoming release, ‘Learn to Have Nothing and You Will Have Everything’, is their first full-length as a band. The album’s title is a quote borrowed from the Tao Te Ching. The album explores themes of duality – of dissolution and togetherness, of isolation and solace, of breaking apart and of triumphant overcoming through love.

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