Three For Silver: The Way We Burn

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Three For Silver From Portland, OR, Three For Silver is post-collapse, post-apocalyptic, post-rock, post-everything. A freewheeling collective in which the only rule is to survive and perform, an elastic conglomeration of musical freaks as likely to be found in a grand theater performing for foreign dignitaries as busking on your street corner for spare change. Lucas Warford, Willo Sertain, and Greg Allison form the black hole at the center of this exploding galaxy.

Today’s Dose is the title track from their new album

[via Green Light Go Publicity]


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Live Dates
03 Aug 2017 McMenamins Anderson School Hotel Bothell, WA
05 Aug 2017 Brown Lantern Anacortes, WA
10 Aug 2017 McMenamin’s Rock Creek Tavern Hillsboro, OR
08 Aug 2017 The Old Church Portland, OR
16 Sep 2017 The Beery House Seattle, WA
18 Oct 2017 Octopus Literary Salon Oakland, CA