The Plates: Government Bombs

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On the heels of his legendary project effortlessly diving into the world of dancehall & dub rhythms as MR ANONYMOUS, Jeep MacNichol is back with the third studio album by punky-reggae band from Denver, THE PLATES. The new album “Blast” dropped a month or two back, and today’s track features the blasting sounds of “Government Bombs” a rapid fire assault of Stero Lion’s dancehall toasting and steady barrage of drums all delivered with the familiar sounds of Jeep’s recognizable guitar riffs.

The album is described as “Dancehall Toasting over Blast beats, Drum Machines, Robots, and some Fuzz Guitar”, definitely one perfect to pick up for free at their website for the upcoming summer months. You can alternatively download for free over at CDBaby.


Government Bombs