IR: NEW ZEALAND #8 – Family of Strangers

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Laurie reboots Insomnia Radio New Zealand back into life with the ‘Family of Strangers NZ Tour’.  Laurie’s last show was back in the dark ages of 2010 where very few bands were unwilling to get involved with things like Podcasting but, now in 2017 its a whole new ball game.  This show was put together quite quickly due to the four gigs were fast approaching.  I hope you all enjoy and promise to hell and back you’ll definitely have plenty of shows and more closer frequency than ever before!!


Track Listings & Links;

BLUE RUIN – Scream Queen + Green River Thriller

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His Master’s Voice – The Devil’s Blues – Possession + Save My Soul

Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Armed In Advance – Running You Down + Change/Evolve 

Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

These Four Walls – Bravery + Passenger

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TRT: 50:40

Family of Strangers – Mt Maunganui Gig (Buy online Tickets for 5th of May)

Family of Strangers – Auckland Gig (Buy online Tickets for 6th of May)

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