Rooftops: Sea Frailty

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Bellingham, Washington four-piece band ROOFTOPS craft math-rock with reticular instrumentation and sparse vocals, heavily influenced by the Chicago and Pittsburg indie scenes of the mid to late 90’s. The group formed in the early summer of 2007 and continuously honed their sound; constantly playing shows and recording countless basement demos over their first number of years.

Sea Frailty” is the final track from the LP “A Forest Of Polarity“, released in May of 2010 by TopShelf Records out of San Diego, CA. Its a complex instrumental track that tells a beautiful story that slowly unfolds over the course of ten minutes. The sound emerges from it’s tranquil beginnings and ultimately rewards the listener during the final few minutes as a beautiful horn-line accentuates the sublime instrumentation closer to it’s end.

(A few) Influences: The Americas, in praise of folly, joan of arc, the mercury program, pele, maps and atlases, battles, Owls, Steve Reich


Sea Frailty by Rooftops is licensed under a
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Sea Frailty