Irish Moutarde: Farewell to Drunkenness

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Bagpipe, electric guitars and whisky: Celtic punk as it should be! That’s what Irish Moutarde offers you, a St.Patrick’s day party everyday, starting today to head into the long weekend.

Irish Moutarde is a group from Quebec City, Canada that have been active since 2010. The high energy group started as a tribute to Irish Punk (ex.: Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly). Today’s featured track comes from the late 2013 album “Raise ‘Em All”, a twelve song party that perfectly blends together rock, punk, Celtic music, even metal! These musical styles are omnipresent, and the mix leads to heavy and rapid pieces or lively and bawdy Irish drinking songs.

A great video for the track that was directed by La Corp in 2014 has been included further below as well. Happy St. Paddy’s Day Weekend 2017 to all!


Farewell to Drunkenness by Irish Moutarde is licensed under a
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Farewell to Drunkenness