Flying Ibex: No Matter

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Flying Ibex Flying Ibex release their new single No Matter, and the groove is strong in this one. From their beginnings as the house band for a commune of artists in south London, improvising to silent films and theatre pieces, Best Laid Plans’ newest signing Flying Ibex have progressed through a sea of influences including African cassette tapes, tropical rhythms and experimentation with all manner of old analogue gear.

The band emerged at the end of 2012 with their debut album Travel in Dangerous Places. Largely the solo work of vocalist Barnaby Keen, the album laid out the songwriting and arrangement blueprint for what was to come – polyrhythmic grooves, deceptively simple harmonies and wandering melodies. Flying Ibex subsequently grew beyond the solo talents of Barnaby Keen and now incorporates the skills of guitarist/ vocalist Nathaniel Keen, drummer Dave De Rose, and Chilean bassman Colin Somervell.

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