Maud Octallinn: Super fière sur mon bulldozer

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Champagne-Ardenne based French singer-songwriter Maud Octallinn first started performing in various folk and rock groups in a somewhat hidden role, after which point she finally decided to devote all her time to writing and music in 2014. Maud Octallinn first released today’s featured track ‘Super fière sur mon bulldozer‘ in September of 2014 with a three track demo called ‘Fête Ratée‘. The featured track name roughly translates to “Super proud of my bulldozer”.

The song is also on her new album “En terrain tendre” officially released on February 14, 2017 via French label, La Souterraine. For her live show, you may get something along the lines of Bridget Jones, Brigitte Fontaine, Buster Keaton and others, her joyfully disenchanted heroes. Some see the Barbara clown, others the Regina Spektor punk, but Octallinn often arrives where you may least expect!

The embedded video below is from a home session filmed on March 21, 2015.


Super fière sur mon bulldozer