IR: UK #160 – Podcrawl Special

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Insomnia Radio: UK

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Episode number 160 of Insomnia Radio: UK

Stuart & Ro at the controls for a special Podcrawl Episode, recorded in the back of a pub in London’s Soho. Eight tracks from UK Artists. Apologies for the poor audio quality when Ro & I were recording, a combination of background noise and me not checking the bit rate on the recording software. The music is great though.

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Follow the links there for the Periscope videos, Ro and I both did a ‘What’s in my Bag’, and Dave Lee (of The Bugcast) posted a section of us recording it (the introduction to Hamfatter), here.

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Ro also recorded it and uploaded to YouTube (also embedded below)

Recording Date: Saturday 20 August 2016

TRT: 50:55

Rating: Work Safe

Song Listing and Links

  • A Ninja Slob Drew Me – 23
    Southampton | Web Site
  • Evil Scarecrow – Hurricanado
    Nottingham | Web Site
  • Hamfatter – Girls in Graz (unreleased live version recorded in Vienna in 2005)
    Cambridge | Web Site
  • Killatrix – Bones
    Southend on Sea & Colchester | Web Site
  • Lux Lisbon – Whatever Love Means
    London | Web Site
  • New Model Army – Winter
    Bradford | Web Site
  • Quiet Boy – Sundance
    London | Web Site
  • The Broadcasts – We’re All Messed Up
    Llantrisant | Web Site

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