IR Canada Show #59: Music & Pokemon Go

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Fractal Cypher: Lost, Prison Planet
From: Montreal QC
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Fog Lake: Rattlesnake
From: St John’s NFLD
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Take The Apple: Thymine
From: Toronto ON
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Devil’s Din: Skylight
From: Montreal QC
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Reynolds, Robinson & Lodge: Dun Bheagan Suite
From: Goderich ON
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Project F: The Butterfly Effect, When an Angel Fell From the Sky
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Show Listings

Fractal Cypher: August 7th at Call The Office, London ON

Thirty Helens: August 14th at the Masonic Hall, Stratford ON
Playing with: Secret Sauce, Slouch, Cedar Springs Motel, Voice of Addiction

Double Experience: Sept 23-25 at Voodoo Rock Fest, Napanee ON


People Parking Poorly

June 22, 2016

July 7, 2016

July 7th part 3

July 7th Part 2

July 30 2016



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