The Van T’s: 35mm

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The Van T's

Glasgow Scotland’s THE VAN T’s have returned with their excellent surf-rock stylings via the new EP “A Coming of Age”, the stunning sound first showcased via their 2015 EP Laguna Babe. Starting their songwriting career at seventeen, twin sisters Hannah (guitar, vocals) and Chloe Van Thompson (guitar, vocals) decided to start a band shortly after playing around Scotland and quickly added a bass and drummer to the mix. Taking inspiration from band’s such as the B52’s, Veruca Salt, Smashing Pumpkins and Le Butcherettes, The Van T”s have created a contemporary, scuzz-filled record that also has an endearing raw quality pouring out from every note.

A Coming of Age by The Van T’s is officially released on 10th June 2016 via Bloc+Music.

[via A Badge of Friendship]