Alpha Six Romeo: Want It Back

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Alpha Six RomeoAlpha Six Romeo is the promising new indie-electro rock project of singer-songwriter Dennis Bestafka who you may know as the guitarist of formative Bay area dreampop band, Sentinel. We were pleasantly surprised to hear the pre-release single which arrived at the end of February, and the promises of an album on the way sometime in March with live shows to follow around San Francisco in May.

The rapid-fire guitar hooks really sink in immediately on first listen, which doesn’t surprise as Dennis is one of the best guitar players we’ve heard in the independent space. As the guitar-work creates a dreamlike bouyancy on “Want it Back”, the vocals viscerally peak during the chorus and emotional shout-back of the song’s title. It’s a solid effort for the new project, which includes Tarabud on keyboards (also of Sentinel) and Glory Dole on Bass.

Noted Influences: The Killers, Beck, The National, U2, A Flock of Seagulls, Echo & The Bunneymen, Depeche Mode, Icehouse, The Chameleons, The Cure & The Smiths.


Want It Back