Fuzziebär: Funny Ass Joke

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FuzziebärWe recently stumbled upon the Brunswick Germany based band Fuzziebär over on BandCamp, where today’s feature was possibly best described by one of the many album purchasers as “Totally worth my neighbor wanting to fight me over how loud I play it“. The fuzzed out stoner-doom-rock track comes from their August 2015 release “Lach- und Krachgeschichten” which when plugged into the ol’ translator equates to “Laughter and noise Stories“.

As for their debut video ‘Party‘ posted here, which happens to be another track on the new album, the band recently posted a comment on Twitter a few weeks back to set the mood for those who have yet to experience: “The weather is cold and maybe it’s time for a nice cup of tea with a bunch of friends.” Enjoy their hallucinatory tea party below after the listen.

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