Photoreal: Uncle

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Photoreal “Drawing upon shades of pop and rock from years past and present, Photoreal is a collaboration between Dan Halperin and Nepalese-born Diwas Gurung. Based in Brooklyn, the two write songs that explore the twined roots of relationships and the memories born out of them. The result is music that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

“After spending some formative musical years together upstate, we moved to Brooklyn with open ears and a new band. The songs we’re releasing now are the result of a long writing period, in which we recorded, rewrote, and scrapped dozens of ideas. All the recording and mixing was done by the two of us, in various home studio setups. These songs are the vanguard of a bunch of material that we’re in the process of recording, piecing together a proper release.” [from bio]

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