Static in Verona: Then a Hush

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Static in VeronaChicago musician Rob Merz and his band Static in Verona are back with his third album “Odd Anthem“, which released on August 28th.

After the draining three-year process it took to make Static in Verona’s second album “Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything,” Merz apparently decided to take a different approach on the follow-up and instead of meticulously writing then recording the music, Merz started with very loose ideas and then experimented with the structure and instrumentation in the studio. This creative freedom opened the door to many new sounds and unexpected twists that may not have happened otherwise. Merz also focused on keeping the collection concise, catchy and upbeat to further engage the listener.

The new album is exceptional throughout and while hard to choose a favorite, I ultimately ended up gravitating towards the infectious song ‘Then a Hush’ as a featured favorite. Oddly enough the striking album art shook loose a memory from my childhood stumbling across the old 70s Donald Sutherland flick, Don’t Look Now. Beware the red coat!

You can find the band at the following links in addition to the new album, “Odd Anthem”, which is name-your-price on Bandcamp :


Then a Hush