dustmotes: A Visit

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dustmotesLondon’s Paul Croker (aka dustmotes) began his love affair with vinyl at the age of 4 when he was given his first 7″ single, his love growing throughout the next few decades in the Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Big Beat movements. During the early years, he ruined a few parentally-owned record players teaching himself to scratch and mix records. From the age of 14 he learnt the guitar, joining like minded friends from school, playing in Zeppelin/Hendrix/Floyd influenced bands, gigging all over the country at pubs, clubs and festivals. Finding particular resonance with Eastern influenced sounds, he experimented with alternate tunings and backwards phrasing, forming the core of his sound. In the 90’s after becoming immersed in the Big Beat scene in London and Brighton, Paul began to experiment with creating Digital based music, finding an affiliation with the use of samples and loops to build soundscapes. DJ’ing in local clubs, he learnt to beat mix and also layer sounds within a live environment.

Now that you’ve perused the great introductory bio, we are happy to announce that dustmotes newest album ‘What We Left Behind’ is out now and its quite impressive. Today’s featured track ‘A Visit‘ really seems to describe and express some sort of tangible visitation. Its quite possible you’ll feel a presence blow-in and out as the track comes alive after a short period of tranquil meditation, definitely a thing of beauty and one of many exquisite tracks on this new release via Dusted Wax Kingdom.

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