H.M. Hammarin: It Began Again

H.M. HammarinGothenburg Sweden indie artist H.M. Hammarin has just released what appears to be his newest single, ‘It Began Again’ which I am thoroughly enjoying, partially due to some similarities to a favorite artist, Dave Wakeling (from English Beat and General Public). Whilst there are some aforementioned similarities like the smoking sax throughout, it definitely is unique in several ways and is quite the quality track.

A bio on a company website, translated from Swedish calls H.M.H an incurable hypochondriac, tormented by OCD and sometimes provocative narcissistic packaged with a good dose of self distance and bizarre humor.

To listen to more recent tracks, it appears that H.M. Hammarin released a new EP earlier this year around March called ‘Ham Acting’ which you can get to by hitting up the Soundcloud link below.

[Via BirdsWillSingForYou]


[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-hmhammarin-itbeganagain.mp3] Download It Began Again

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