Rigbi: Take the Blame

RigbiWe recently ran across the New Jersey rock band, Rigbi and their brand new album “Visionary”. Aside from loving the songs, we thought you should get a taste of their brilliant background/description:

In 1998, when most of you were rocking Air Jordans and spending your Friday nights watching the X-Files, four unassuming tweens were decidedly not listening to Chumbawambah as they laid the foundations for a musical revolution. Rigbi officially became Rigbi in 2011, but they have been a group for the past 14 years. Think of Rigbi as the four grown-up middle school guys sporting glasses and dodgy beards who are strumming, fingering and crooning the soundtrack to your ass-shaking and lawn-chair-sitting and road-tripping and beverage-consumption…because that’s all they are really.

Make sure to stop in and bookmark some of their social sites below and please check out their excellent self-directed inspiring conceptual video for ‘Take the Blame’, embedded further down the page.

[via Green Light Go]


[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-rigbi-taketheblame.mp3] Download Take the Blame