Scary People: Chicago!

Scary PeopleScottish, UK band Scary People are on the verge of releasing their second EP, Chicago!, via RedRoom Recordings on April 7th.

Born from the partnership between two tour technicians, Scary People had only one week to form a band and rehearse a set before their first gig at a sold out show in Dundee. Rising to the task, Dan Forouhar (guitar/vocals) and Scott Anderson (drums) called upon close friends, Steven Anderson (guitar/vocals), Jamie Brown (bass) and Troy Lynch (guitar), to join them to prepare for a show that would immediately gain them an impressive crowd response and, since then, a dedicated following. Having recorded and produced both EPs independently, Scary People maintain their fiercely independent and strictly DIY ethic towards all of their creative outlets; including promoting their own shows, directing their own videos and printing their merchandise by hand.

The EP leadoff track Chicago! is a needed shot of energy to fire off the weekend, reminding me at times of other greats bands in the vein of Sparta/At the Drive In when they first started off. We hope you enjoy and please check out a few of their social links below.

[via A Badge of Friendship]


[audio:] Download Chicago!