Babirusa: Pre-Farm

BabirusaPre-Farm is the latest from Babirusa, and taken from the eight track album, Mitch McConnell’s Grapefruit Stand. The group is comprised of three University of Louisville students (and old friends), Cliff Schweickart (guitar/vocals), Hannah Soren (cello) and Luke Stevens (drums and bonus: trumpet studies).

Cliff tells us he engineered the new record in his family’s house, and you will find that it has some very experimental qualities lyrically and tonally, although is still rooted in pop. They strive to make the music fun and comfortably confusing.

We really liked the experimental flavor here, a sonic stew of bands like Zox, For Squirrels and Greater California – but they ultimately settle in with their own unique collegiate inspired quirky sound. Get your hands on more of this excellent release at their social sites below.


[audio:] Download Pre-Farm