East Cameron Folkcore: Salinger is Dead

East Cameron FolkcoreAustin, TX group East Cameron Folkcore are releasing their second album, “For Sale” to the European market this 13th, having released in the States back in February to a nice round of praise. The group initially formed in northeast neighborhood of Austin and perform raw authentic music, a blend of wide-ranging sounds combining folk, blues, rock, country, jazz, bluegrass and punk that articulates the varied background and influences of all the eleven(!) players.

It appears like they are on the verge of launching a pretty lengthy German tour in the coming days up through Switzerland, so if you are in Europe you’ll definitely want to take a look at their tourdates below, which continue on until AT LEAST the 12th of October. The fun starts in Europe on Sep 13th with their European album release, and the band arrives to first play on the 19th in Bielefeld.

[via Playing in Traffic Records]


[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-eastcameronfolkcore-salinger.mp3] Download Salinger is Dead