Fialta: Cars

FialtaWe’re always excited to see a good band emerge from San Luis Obispo, an excellent spot along the California coast to see live music in a supportive environment and discover talented artists that may not have edged their way up or down to LA/SF. Along with other past discoveries like Still Time and the Damon Castillo Band we are happy to feature FIALTA, a group born from the name of an idea of novelist Vladamir Nabokov in 1936.

It was also born of the collective minds of Provenzano, Beth Clements, Michael Leibovich, and Sarah Shotwell, who cite literature as a primary lyrical inspiration for the band, bringing their storytelling to the forefront through their inspired lyrics.

The band writes that “Cars,” today’s featured track, contains the lyric, “The truth owes nothing to the facts.” This line apparently embodies Fialta’s songwriting philosophy: though a story may be fictionalized, it can still teach us deep truths about ourselves and the world around us.

Their new album, Summer Winter officially releases this month.

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