Way Yes: Macando

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Way YesWAY YES began in 2010 in Columbus, Ohio as the musical collaboration of Glenn D. Davis Sr and Travis M. Hall Sr with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Maxwell N. Lewis Sr, and percussionist Timothy W.H. Horak Sr.

After releasing 7 inches (Oranjudio) and an Extended-Player (Walkability) on Lefse Records, Way Yes self-released their debut Long-Player, Tog Pebbles a month ago on May 7th, 2013. We thought you may enjoy their track listing for Tog Pebbles with the titles of the songs replaced by thematic summaries:

1. dead mom; 2. shitty job; 3. fear of abandonment; 4. self loathing love song; 5. bipolar disorder; 6. stress, etc.; 7. suicidal grandma; 8. neimeyer’s lunch; 9. dead mom; 10. dead friend

Today’s featured track corresponds to thematic summary #4 above. We love the multi-faceted tribal instrumentation and build throughout this one all the way up to the outpouring of saxaphone drenched love/loath at the finale.

[Via Banter]


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