Teenage Kicks: Middle of the Night

Teenage KicksToronto’s TEENAGE KICKS have released their latest six song EP ‘Be On My Side’, which finds the group expanding beyond the grungy power-pop of the first release. We like the description of the music which is likened to “the girl you meet in high school that you end up marrying ten years later. Their songs stay with you, and you grow to love more about them as time goes by”.

Shortly before the release of the EP, the band unveiled the Teenage Kicks Singles Club, a service that will deliver two new songs to subscribers every few months. “It’s a way for us to get our music out to our fans without them having to wait however long for our albums to come out,” vocalist Van Helvoort points out. “We’ve got so many songs in the archives, some of which we’ve been playing for years, but they just haven’t shown up on our albums. So instead of letting them fade into obscurity, we wanted to share them all with whoever wants to listen to them, for free.”

This single and video are definitely one of our new favorites here at Insomnia and a great way to segue-way out of Spring and toward the Summer months. Check them out and make sure to sign up for the Singles Club at the link on their website below.

[via Planetary]


[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-teenagekicks-middleofthenight.mp3] Download Middle of the Night