Great Peacock: Take Me to the Mountain

Great PeacockToday’s feature come off the new Nashville band, Great Peacock’s self-titled debut EP ; out March 5, 2013 through This Is American Music.

Instead of trying to live in a long-gone past, Great Peacock draws from the same inspirations that once fueled their now-extinct forebears (geography, aging, love/hate family relationships, blood, death, birds), channeling them into an unmistakably modern sound. For songwriters Nelson and Floyd, it’s natural, intuitive. “We know that even though there’s a history we’re connected to, we’re of our time,” Nelson says. “We know most records aren’t made on tape any more, but we’re also very much aware that—no matter the year or the production style—the right melody can be timeless.”

[via Pavement]


[audio:] Download Take Me to the Mountain