Nymphidels: Wake Up


It’s very usual these days to listen to a band with a non convencional rock band line up. Bands with 2 basses, bands with 2 drums, bands with no instruments at all, but mostly, just drums and a guitar. All right, Jack and Megan White did good. Yes, that’s a fact. But honestly, even if The White Stripes are your favourite band you wish something was added, or you would take something off.

That’s not the case of the Providence based duo Nymphidels. Starting with who does what, the man sits on the drums, Pat Flanagan, and the girl rocks the guitar and sings, Jess Moroney. Then there is that no super-star attitude. There is pure and perfect rock n’ roll.

And there is a way to buy their music: A Band in Places is a 5 track e.p. available in the form of a USB wristband. There is the c.d. option upon request, but wouldn’t you be a proud holder of a wristband with the word Nymphidels, which is coincidentely the name a super rock n’ roll duo?



Download Wake Up

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