Unsuddenly: You Let Me Down

UnsuddenlyUnsuddenly is a musical collaboration built on the songwriting, singing and producing efforts of Will James in collaboration with several great friends and accomplished musicians.

The lyrics of today’s featured single off his forthcoming EP Don’t Waste the Mystery touch all the expectations and disappointments people feel when in love. But James sings the chorus, “you let me down,” in an uplifted way and with a strong message that “looking for someone to save me makes us both lose”. Break-up and failure might just be a door opening…if we can find it.

“Love can be a kind of portal to a new place,” says James. “Even if it’s not the place we hoped for or wanted. So much can be gained, yet so many times we stop the possibilities by blame, anger or sadness”.

Will James is now preparing the 2013 release “Don’t Waste the Mystery” a 6 song EP due out April 2013.

[via Green Light Go]


[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-unsuddenly-youletmedown.mp3] Download You Let Me Down