IR: Canada #9

IR Canada


Welcome to show 9.  Five months in and we’re on the 9th show and about to hit our first double digit.  I’ve got some excellent tracks this week including one in french.

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Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils
From: Toronto Ontario
Song: Sugar Devil
Song: King of The Block

Drew Austin – Drums
Irene Torres – Vocals
Josh Piche – Guitar
Rob Christian – Sax/Keys/Vocals
Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz- Acoustic/Electric Basses

Elephant Stone
From: Montreal QC
Song: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin
Elephant Stone is:
Rishi Dhir: vocals, bass, sitar
Gabriel Lambert: geetar, backing vox
Stephen “The Venk” Venkatarangam: keys, bass, backing vox, sitar
Miles Dupire: drums

Kieran Delamont
From: London Ontario
Song: Puzzle
Song: Better For You

From: Montreal QC
Song: Mythomanie

The Monarch Project
From: Hamilton Ontario
Song: Better Part of You
Song: Desire
Jo Boudreau – Guitar and Vocals
Jose Batista – Guitar and Vocals
James Rae Girt – Bass Guitar
Rob Nagy – Drums

Sister Satellite
From: CharlotteTown PEI
Song: Bottle Of Poison
Song: Caught My Eye
John Hashem – Vocals
Jason Cudmore – Guitar
Arthur Mason – Bass
Ian Smith – Drums

Two Hours Traffic
From: Charlottetown PEI
Song: Amour Than Amis
liam corcoran
derek ellis
andrew macdonald
nathan gill


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