Irena Zilic: Days of Innocence

Irena ZilicGood morning to all you caffeine-huffing Insomniacs and Hype Machinists. We’d like to introduce you to Irena Zilic of Zagreb, Croatia, an indie folk singer-songwriter who claims her influences are from artists along the lines of Ben Howard, Norah Jones and Brandi Carlile. We recently were sent her newest and are also hearing shades another of our favorites, Polly Paulusma, and think you can probably drop a few of your favorites in here too.

Irena’s music is stripped down and at its best, my personal favorite style, without all the professional studio trappings that often weigh down those who have been established for a longer period. Today’s featured song is from Irena’s new four-song EP that released this past Christmas Day entitled Days of Innocence. Take a listen and make sure to drop in and leave her a quick comment below.


[audio:] Download your Days of Innocence