Moonlit Sailor: Waiting for Nothing

Moonlit SailorToday’s featured post-rock song from Sweden’s MOONLIT SAILOR closes out the soundtrack for the somewhat recent film, Floating: The Nathan Gocke Story. This is a documentary film about a quadriplegic surfer who survived a tragedy of the elements, his courage to embrace a new existence and his dream to one day surf again. It’s an inspirational story of hope, humanity and rehabilitation. It was directed by Richard Yelland with Academy Award Nominee and Executive Producer Morgan Spurlock (SuperSize Me, Freakonomics, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold), and was a Curtis Birch Production in association with Shorts International, FUEL TV and Deep Elm Records.

Winner of the Emerging Documentary showcase at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, both this film and its moving soundtrack went worldwide back on November 15, 2011.


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Floating: The Nathan Gocke Story (Soundtrack)Moonlit Sailor
“Waiting For Nothing” (mp3)
from “Floating: The Nathan Gocke Story (Soundtrack)”
(Deep Elm)

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