Goodbye, Labrador: Memoir

Goodbye, Labrador, with roots in Brooklyn, Barcelona and Prague, blend stateside harmonies with distinctly European nostalgia. A Thousand Times Before, their second record, is a dreamy, guitar-driven collection of skilfully textured melodies matched with brooding lyrics.

Formed in 2008 in a dimly-lit bar in Barcelona’s neighbourhood of Grácia, eager to create, the band decided to use their shared love of early 80s punk and post-punk, to 90s art rock. They began recording demos before relocating to different cities. Later, they reunited for their first shows in Portugal, [home of one of the members] which earned them many fans.

Long distance relationships are gut-wrenchingly difficult. Producing an album long distance is something entirely different—and exponentially more challenging. (official biography)


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Goodbye, Labrador

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