IR: New York #15 – The Show That Almost Wasn’t

IR: New YorkEpisode number 15 of Insomnia Radio New York.

IRNY is back in the game! Your host Sarah Morrison has dusted off her mic and is back once again to bring you the best music from the five boroughs and beyond.

Recording Date: Wednesday 20 June 2012

TRT: 42:44

Rating: NSFW-ish (one f-bomb and one use of fairly inoffensive British slang!)


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Tracklisting and Linkage

Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band – Come Over
Unsolved Mysteries – You Only Live Once
Mark McAdam – The Space Between
Apocalypse Five and Dime – Mississippi Ghost Rag
Luke Wesley – I Hope You Like This Song
Sleep Maps – Men Against The Stars
The Shondes – Lines and Hooks
Tracy Bonham – Big Red Heart
The Two Man Gentleman Band – Chocolate Milk