Snowmine: The Hill

The Brooklyn quintet formed from a long bubbling friendship between bassist Jay Goodman, drummer Alex Beckmann, and lead singer/composer Grayson Sanders. Many parties, road trips, and treacherous leaky basements fraught with jam sessions later, they met guitarists Austin Mendenhall and Scott Seelig – two wayfarers from D.C. and Los Angeles.

Snowmine recorded their debut LP, Laminate Pet Animal, over two days in the Summer of 2010 at Headgear Recordings with Dave Trumfio. After a month of mixing, they decided to scrap most of it, and spent the next three months re-tracking everything in a musky closet at Grayson’s apartment. They decided to make use of their living space, tracking guitars in bathtubs, and re-amping synths, vibraphones, bells, and vocals in cavernous concrete hallways.

Snowmine self-released the debut LP Laminate Pet Animal on May 3, 2011, and rumor has it a new single ‘Saucer Eyes’ was leaked on the radio a few weeks ago here in Los Angeles via KCRW.

[via 2:30 Pub]


[audio:] Download The Hill
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