Sleeping in the Aviary: Talking out of Turn

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Originating as a trio based in Madison, Wis., Sleeping in the Aviary has evolved into a Minneapolis, Minn., quintet. All the members have roots in southeastern Wisconsin, and have been playing music for a decade and more in a near-countless number of bands and one-off projects.

For You and Me, Ghost the band’s sound takes on the influence of an earlier era but still sounds undeniably like Sleeping in the Aviary.

“The ‘golden oldies’ from the ’50s and ’60s had a major conceptual influence on this particular album,” says Kozel (vocals, guitar). “The simple romantic themes and short and straightforward song structures were elements we attempted to steal from it.” And it wasn’t difficult to focus on themes that dwell on affairs of the heart since the songwriting followed the end of a long-term relationship for Kozel, who says, “It’s the old tried and true ‘break-up album.'”

You and Me, Ghost was recorded in Science of Sound’s studio over five days on a short break during several months of touring in the first half of 2011. For the most part, reversing the very layered and complex production style used for Great Vacation, here the band keeps the arrangements simple, limits superfluous or textural tracks and keeps the reverb to a minimum. Kozel and Sobczak produced the record (with assistance from all), aided by the engineering skills of Ricky Riemer.

[via Science of Sound]


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