Evols: Waves of Fire

Today’s dose is by the Portuguese band Evols. They are based in the north city of Oporto. They have released a selftitled album, wich you can download or get it on vinyl.

Evols are not guitars or fuzzwahs or echo’s, not even noise!
They are a psychotropic cavalry able to release in a gray brain enough serotonin to make a horse bark!

Evols are proud to present their first album. The album is recorded and published by the band in a limited edition of 500 LP’s in vinyl. As usual in their live performances, the live visuals will be executed by p. ma, resulting in a performance punctuated by plenty of psychedelia, smoke and strobing lights. (Facebook press release)


Download Waves of Fire

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Evols links

Main site | Facebook | MySpace | Buy the L.P.