The Natural Shocks: The Plane

The Natural Shocks are a three-piece indie rock band from Toronto who just released their debut full length, Complete With Comfortable Lighting this past June 9th.

Thankfully the Natural Shocks nudged us with a reminder e-mail in our ever-expanding mailbox and we took a few hours today to really listen to this solid album at length, while perusing the lyrics of our favorite tracks, such as ‘This City’, ‘Ponce De Leon’, and of course ‘The Plane’. It was naturally hard to choose one of these to feature but we rather loved the anthemic builds, growling guitars, and raw emotion of the memorable ‘The Plane’, a powerful work that will remain in the listener’s eardrums long after play.

According to their biography, the collection of songs written here are themed around singer Jim DeLuca’s broad fear of death and the afterlife (or lack thereof) inspired by Hamlet’s soliloquy (e.g. “To be or not to be”).


Download The Plane
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