Thousands: Braille Teeth

Its a new week and we’ve got more rock from Boston to follow up from last Tuesday, this time from three piece instrumental math-rock group Thousands who just sent us word of their debut two track self-titled EP that was started this past August. Its for free download over at BandCamp and features two tracks, ‘Braille Teeth’ and ‘Six Records of a Floating Life’, released in May.

You can tell from the quality, lengths and uncoventional imaginative structure of these tracks that the band puts all of their effort into transforming live shows into the intensity that you will hear on this first release. Both tracks on the EP both clock in over eight minutes (close to 9 and 13 respectively).

The band usually play live with groups who don’t have much of an internet presence, which is fine at this stage. Music has a way of easily spreading through this medium if the quality is high like it is here. We hope to hear much more from them in the near future.


Download Braille Teeth
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