Maps & Atlases: Israeli Caves

We were tipped off to this excellent free track by the Fat Cat Records SoundCloud site, a fresh blast of tropical beach pop posted from the newest album, ‘Perch Patchwork’ by Chicago’s Maps & Atlases.

Throughout most of 2009, ‘Perch Patchwork’ was recorded by Jason Cupp (The Elected, Finch, Nurses, Cast Spells) in Chicago – partly in guitarist/vocalist David Davison’s parent’s basement, partly in Steve Albini’s legendary Electrical Audio and partly in the band’s own Soothsayer Studio.

Not too long ago, Maps & Atlases signed to Barsuk Records in the US, who are now handling the North American release of Perch Patchwork, and to FatCat for the UK and Europe.


Download Israeli Caves
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