Bear Driver: Enemy

Bear Driver’s twitter bio describes them as a six piece melodic, psych-pop band based between Leeds and London, UK. Their regular bio describes them as six people in a band that play instruments and take them up on stage where they utilize them to play songs to people that might be in the audience. The audience then decides whether they like them.

My description follows the linear path, although genuine. They are a brilliant band who I found online and proceeded to listen to their songs on a website that contains music called BandCamp. This music reverberated through my earspace, causing a pleasurable sensation which caused me to want to share them with the listeners of this blog via typing and publishing on the world wide web of music.

In all honesty though, check them out at the links below as well as all of the downloads they have been making available up to their shows at SXSW this week. Its some excellent material that deserves to be spread to the masses.


Download Enemy
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