Lorenzo’s Music: Just Had To Let You Know

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Lorenzo's Music - Just Had To Let You Know - coverOur first blush with Madison, Wisconsin’s “cabaret rockers” Lorenzo’s Music was back in February 2005. Their infectious track “Hot Water Avalanche” was one of the first singles to spread like wildfire across a then-infant podcasting space. (Their 2005 album Solamente Tres Palabres included an audio collage of podcasters – yours truly included – introducing the track.)

Since releasing their first studio album in 1998, the band’s music has managed to appeal to fans of classic rock, hardcore, emo, ska, jazz, swing, blues, funk, and avant garde music – a solid indication of the band’s successful experimentation with multiple genres of music. They seem to change their focus and reinvent their sound with each new release, and their upcoming EP (Just Had To Let You Know) seems to be no exception. Perhaps this is why when the band is asked what style of music they play, the typical response is, appropriately, “Lorenzo’s Music.”

The band continues to evangelize the Creative Commons movement, offering up this and future singles from the EP for the price of a tweet or facebook recommendation. Keep an eye on www.lorenzosmusic.com for more!

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