White Lights: Ponzi Scheme

LA’s White Lights appeared in 2009 with their debut EP ‘Oroborus’, now available for free download at BandCamp. They are now working on their second ‘Meridian’ EP due out in 2011.

I ran into the group’s fundraising efforts on KickStarter around their final funding goal for this new EP, which means as of tonight the funds will be freed up for final mixing and mastering for the small batch of songs they are now recording.

Next year this single “Ponzi Scheme” will be featured in the feature film “Stay Cool”, starring Winona Ryder, Chevy Chase and Hillary Duff, and they’ve got a national tour planned around the early 2011 release of the next EP.


[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-whitelights-ponzischeme.mp3] Download a Ponzi Scheme
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