Quiet Hooves: My Girl

Athens, Ga.’s Quiet Hooves release their sophomore album Saddle Up
Quiet Hooves: Saddle UpAthens, Ga.’s Quiet hooves is a 12-piece minimal pop band led by songwriter Julian Bozeman, who released their debut album to national acclaim last year.

The songs from their second album Saddle Up are lent the producer / arranger treatment by Javier Morales of Quiet Hooves and The Dream Scene. For this recording Quiet Hooves pink-slips the whole band and strips the song to the voice alone. Julian sings the song and Javier arranges, records, performs, and bounces each piece of music entirely on a Tascam 488 multi-track machine.

These songs navigate the expanding territories of pop music with a vibrating palette of over 200 independent sound-voices. ‘Saddle Up’ is a spinning funnel of disintegrating and ever-renewing chamber funk and synth-pop; the record is stuffed with a million movements yet it moves cohesively and sounds real spacious on headphones. [Bio]


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