Brave Chandeliers: Madmen

Brave ChandeliersBrave Chandeliers is a Portland, OR band that sounds like Billy Joel’s Porsche (before he crashed it). For such a young band, they come off as old souls, writing the catchiest alt-pop that manages to portray a fully-formed view of life and love today.

Now, the band is fast becoming known in Northwest clubs and basements for their unpredictable and engaging live shows. Drum says, “We want to cultivate new experiences for our fans, where something unexpected can happen each time they come out, but they can always plan on having a great time.”

Brave Chandeliers’s first EP, Put Away the Camera, was released on July 20, 2010 and contains the single “Madmen”, which pretty much became an earworm upon the first listen.


Download Madmen

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