Depth and Current: Calm To The Sea

Norman, Oklahoma’s grunge-psych-goth-dance band Depth & Current to release new single (7″ vinyl & download). Band’s own Nice People label is helping to put the Oklahoma City suburb on the musical map.

Depth and Current

Chris, Scott, and Colin were all playing in a psychedelic pop band that had kind of lost it’s momentum and seemed to have run it’s course. They still loved playing together and had been trying to take the other band in a new direction anyway. After a little break, Depth & Current was born with a renewed enthusiasm and a refusal to be boxed in by the music. It was decided that nothing was off limits except for the ridiculous notion of trying to force a sound that doesn’t come naturally.

Members: Chris Harris – Guitar, Vocals. Scott Twitchell – Drums. Colin Ingersol – Bass, Vocals. Derek Lemke – Synth, Guitar. Joey Powell – Synth, Vocals, Bass, Lights.


[audio:] Download Calm To The Sea
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