IR: The SoCal Sessions #30 – Get the Metal Out!

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SoCal Sessions 30 logoThe metal has been slowly building in my system for the last few years, to where something drastic had to be done, fortunately right in time for Halloween this year. In this episode I detoxify using questionable methods, and luckily for you that means a break from my normal programming and a longer than normal look inside a select part of the metal scene from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Some of the bands featured today have moved on, but that doesn’t mean the music is retired. Many of the groups here are quite active and are putting out new albums, while one or two have been around since the beginnings of the LA metal scene. Styles run the gamut from traditional metal to grindcore, including other metal influenced styles of rock. embellished with plenty of operatic screams for your enjoyment. It just wouldn’t be a proper show if it wasn’t replete with death growls for you closer to the finale, ripped out of the pages of your old Dungeons & Dragons campaign and recorded in bloody howling stereo.

TRT: 1:20:16. NSFW

The Plague Within – Fearless (clip)
W.A.S.P. – Long Way to Go
Fydolla Ho – Untied
Holy Grail – My Last Attack
PeepHole – New Set of Eyes
Black Flame 13 – Lindsay Lohan
Testing Tomorrow – Grip
Canobliss – Hit the Floor
Jagged Thought Process – Smirking (Tastes Like Floor)
Death Riders – Crucifixation
In This Moment – Beautiful Tragedy
Warner Drive – Lost
Black Chapel – Sands of Time
Prototype – Synthespian
A Race Called Man – Drifter
Crescent Shield – The Last of My Kind
Never Like The Movies – Ballad of the Horde
Ghostbuster – I Just Walked Two Miles With a Banana In My Pocket

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